2016 Survey

We worked with 430 disenfranchised women and girls

  •  135 (31%) were facing domestic violence
  •  73 (16%) were having health challenges
  •  310 (72%)were jobless doing nothing at all.

Six months after the empowerment workshop

  •  76 out of the 135 facing domestic violence was already
    having peace in their homes according to our survey
  •  6 of the women have taking steps to leave their
    unrepentant husbands and were living in peace with
    their children

A year after the empowerment workshop

  •  37 out of the 73 with health challenges developed vision in the area of their health and they were improving greatly
  • 250 out of the 310 jobless women were already having a stable small business of their own through the small loans they accessed in their support group
  • 4 of the women that developed vision to further their studies attended weekend schools and they got admission to Higher Institution of Learning.


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