Dr Monica Orisadare is a gender expert and a senior lecturer in the faculty of Social Sciences of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She was the former Director of Center for Gender and Social Policy of the university. She is a member of Professional organizations including Organization for Women in Science for Developing World (OWSDW). She has written many books including “Feminist Perspective of Power: Analyzing Strategies for Changing Women’s Lives” in African Women’s Perspectives of Empowerment (Ed) Simi Afonja. Pp 13-37. Sineli Books, Texas, USA


Dr Jumoke Adeyeye is a gender expert and a lecturer at the Center for Gender and Social Policy of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She is a member of many professional bodies on gender mainstreaming home and abroad.


Dr Makanjuola Obisakin is a counselling psychologist and a Director in the Ministry of Education of Osun State, Nigeria. His PhD thesis was on Intimate Partner abuse and it is affecting university students in the South West of Nigeria. He was a school teacher for 36 years and a Principal of a high School in Nigeria.

Dr. Olaitan Olusegun

Dr. Olaitan Olusegun is a lawyer and a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife,Osun State, Nigeria. Dr Olusegun graduated from OAU where she later obtained her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Law. Dr Olusegun researches in thPe aspect of child rights, medical/health jurisprudence and allied areas

Dr Grace Pelemo

Dr grace Pelemo is a senior Librarian on Osun State University in Osun State, Nigeria. She worked as a school teacher for some years before proceeding to Osun State University as a Librarian. She is a member of some professional bodies and she has volunteered with Women Inspiration Development Center since 2011.

Ayodele Adejumo

Ayodele Adejumo is in Management and she is working with Aviation in Human Relations and Well being in the United Kingdom(UK). She is Humanitarian and has been working with Women Inspiration Development Center to supply the needs of disenfranchised women and girls since 2020.


Busayo Obisakin, a Counselling Psychologist is the Founder and CEO of Women Inspiration Development Center. She is now the Executive Director of the Organization. She Possess 29 years of Counsellor experience in Individual and group Counselling. Expert in Gender Equality and gender mainstreaming. Certified in Agency Development Workshop, Gender Aids Effectiveness and Gender Preparedness in Humanitarian Action with 11 years of working extensively in gender-related areas. She Country Director in Nigeria of an international initiative IMAGINE “Delivery Agency” and have empowered 7,245 women and girls. She is the Award Winner of the Organization in 2015. A World Pulse Voices of our Future Correspondent and 2009 Award Recipient. An impact leader, Online Mobilizer, Ambassador and Digital Empowerment Awardee of World Pulse. She was the 2017 Shero in Peace Building award by Women Peace and Security Network .

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