Women and Girls In Nigeria

The Challenge

In Nigeria, young women finish public secondary school, but with no hope of employment or furthering their education, they systematically end up working and living on the streets.

After one year, about 70% are at risk to: becoming single mothers, contracting HIV/AIDS, becoming victims of human trafficking, or face death due to botched abortions.

Poverty, illiteracy and an increase in gender based violence exacerbate the challenge, with a culminating negative impact on the young women’s children.

The Solution

Through agency-based empowerment methodologies, WIDC guides and coach 250 young women into creating new lives for themselves. Those wishing to further their education through college receive coaching and admissions support.

Also, vocational skill training, educates young women with the needed skills to create small businesses. Skill-sets include: tailoring, Adire fabric dying, soap, air freshener and olive oil making, cake baking, small event catering, and beauty classes including hair, pedicure and manicure

Long-Term Impact

This project sustainably improves the health, economic and social status of 250 young women, who bring progress to their family and communities.

The vocational skills and university education expands one’s choice for the source of revenue, thereby reducing risky sexual behaviors and improving health for the woman and her family.

Empowerment and education equip women with greater resources, options to decision-making, freedom from violence, and appropriation for how to better their lives

Who We Are

WIDC is an initiative designed to create a safe place for Nigerian women and girls in challenging life circumstances to envision and create new possibilities for their lives, families and communities

Our History

WIDC was formed in 2009 by Busayo Obisakin along with a group of women friends and colleagues.

Our Mission

To improve the health, economic, and social status of Nigerian women and girls in order to empower them to lead fulfilling lives free of violence.