Success Stories

Deborah Olaniyan

I could be referred to as a worthless woman before WIDC came to our village. Through the help of the empowerment workshop and support group and the skill I got in bead making, I am now an entrepreneur in bead making and I also have four apprentices learning the bead from me now in the village. In this last six months, I have made a lot of money through the bead. I have opened an account with a bank in town.

Sabainah Adedoyin

Before I attended the Empowerment workshop, I was jobless relying only on the little money my husband could get from his farm. This has caused a lot of quarrels between us in the house. With the help of my support group, I now have a big farm of my own and I get money to meet our day to day needs in the house. We are now living in peace in my home.

Modupe Adedayo

During the visualization exercise of the Empowerment Workshop, Modupe in her room of “Finding your truth” said “I visualize myself in a beautiful house full of beautiful flowers and I was wetting my flowers with so much seriousness I did not think I possessed, this have helped me to be more sure of myself, in fact I am proud of myself”

Silifat Awoseemo

I am a widow with two children. Before the empowerment workshop, I had to send only my son to school and retain my daughter at home to help me because I could not afford to send both of them to school. With the help of our support group, I have a farm and a very viable business now and my daughter has gone back to school. I will forever be grateful to WIDC.

Mrs Adeola Tawa

I have never seen anything good in myself, I always believe that I am not capable of doing anything good because those are the words I always hear from my husband. With the Empowerment workshop, I now know I possess many good qualities, I am a good mother, I am wonderfully made by God and I can think and create good things”

Molade and Ronke

As orphans, It was so difficult achieving our vision until we attended Imagine Empowerment Workshop. Molade is now attending weekend school to achieve her vision to be a university graduate while I, Ronke, has started a good business through the money I borrowed from the support group and the business is thriving. Thanks to WIDC, the organizer of the empowerment workshop